Elderberry Syrup for Colds and Flu

Elderberries are known to be a wonderful preventative and remedy for colds and flu. I have enjoyed experimenting by concocting this homemade elderberry syrup for our family's use. It is tasty taken alone by the spoonful, but I have also been drizzling a bit into our smoothies or occasionally into hot tea as a sweetener. Once we served the syrup over pancakes. "Medicine" can be delicious! Below is the basic recipe I followed. If you don't happen to have your very own elderberry bush nearby, you can purchase the dried elderberries in bulk at places such as MoreThanAlive.com: Elderberry Syrup: 1/2 c. dried elderberries 1/3 c. honey, unheated is best 1 T. fresh ginger, optional 1 cinnamon stick,

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