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The class exceeded my expectations! I was very impressed with your skills/knowledge, and your patience. Thank you for making my first soap-making

experience a fun one!


Goat's milk soap-making classes available in Staunton!

Would you like to learn how to create natural, fragrant, colorful high-quality soaps at home? It can be a fun, practical, and addicting skill! We will be presenting the cold-process method of soap-making with goat’s milk, and we’ll discuss equipment, ingredients, procedure, resources, and more.


The 2.5 hour class will include hands-on participation as we create a batch of soap together. Each person will bring home 7-8 bars of freshly-made soap, $45+ value!

Safety: We will explain and use lye safety rules, and we will gather in a ventilated outdoor setting (winter classes held indoors). Age 10+ suggested. 

Please Bring: apron (or an old shirt you don’t mind getting oil splotches on), rubber gloves, safety glasses (we will have a few pairs available to share), an old cookie sheet or box to carry home your soap molds

Cost: $75/person

Beginner Class Dates:



                   Saturday, July 16th, 2022, 9:30 am -12:00 pm

Space for minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 students per class. 

Deadline for registering is July 9th.

Level 2 Classes:


The level 2 class includes advanced topics such as formulating recipes, controlling trace, water discounting, master-batching lye, essential oil blending, artistic designs, troubleshooting, and making round 100% goat's milk soap bars. Note: It is not required that you take the level 1 beginners class first, but very helpful if you have prior basic soapmaking knowledge.


We also offer private lessons!


Check back soon or subscribe to the email list for details on upcoming events!

Registration Closed

"I absolutely loved your class and would love to do it again!"

- Patricia

Classes in VA are no longer being offered. Thanks for your interest!

See our blog post here.

Just poured a batch of spearmint soap...
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