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Love all the soaps I have bought from Pleasant View Soaps! They are high quality and the scents are amazing. I especially love using them in the mornings to wake me up and get me going for the day. I have been a customer for several years now and have never been disappointed. Keep up the good work! - Vicky H.

We have really been enjoying our soap, not only the scent, but also the way our skin feels after using it. I am ready to place my next order! - Cindy E.

I have been very pleased with all soaps I have tried. A very high-quality product! Since I tend to have sensitive skin, I am always on the lookout for gentler soaps which will not be so harsh on my skin. Your products fit the bill! I like the size of your regular soap bars and your prices are very fair (not so outrageous that I can't use them for everyday soaps!). Your bars seem to last longer than some other natural soaps I have tried - huge plus! Customer service is amazing. Thank you for taking care of my soap needs! - Samantha P.


I’m absolutely in love with these soaps. I’ve been on a journey to use less plastic in my home and I decided to start in my bathroom. Hand soaps are pretty easy to come by but I was also looking for a face soap, body bar, and shampoo bar. The first bar I used was the bayberry, the smell was amazing but not too overwhelming. I’ve now tried the calendula soap on my face, for once my skin isn’t oily and  I have fewer blemishes. I have thick curly hair and finding a shampoo bar has been very challenging. However the bergamot cleans my scalp thoroughly and doesn’t tangle up my hair or leave it dried out. Again the smell in all of these soaps is amazing with out being overwhelming. The scent after I take a shower lingers pleasantly for hours. I also feel like your soaps really ready my skin to be moisturized. Not only do I feel great because I’m supporting a local business but my body and skin feel great too! Thank you for making such amazing products! I can’t wait to try more! - Jasmyne


The lavender soap is very high quality and smells great. Thank you so much and I will certainly be buying in the future! - Jason


I love the Oatmeal & Honey bar which works great for me since I am allergic to many other soaps and scents! The shipping is very quick, too. - Kay W.

My brother loves the cinnamon shaving soap and I can’t wait to try the mint lip balm as soon as my current lip balm runs out!! It’s hard to find quality, homemade products in supermarkets. When our local grocery stopped carrying their organic soap, I knew just where to shop for an awesome substitute! - Danielle N.

As an extremely satisfied customer for over 5 years, I want to thank you for your variety of homemade, natural and long lasting soaps. They make excellent gifts, and I personally enjoy using the Skin Soother Olive Oil and Lavender Lemongrass. Your bars last SO much longer than store bought and are far superior. Thanks for starting my day with a boost of sunshine, Hannah!

- Donna C.

"For over a year I've been using the Rosemary Mint shampoo bar with great results on my thick, curly hair. It thoroughly cleanses my hair as I get to enjoy the invigorating, natural fragrance!"

- Katie H.


"I finally got to use the shampoo bar I bought awhile ago from Pleasant View Soaps, and I couldn't be more pleased with it. It lathered up just like normal shampoo and left my hair squeaky clean but easy to comb through without conditioner. My hair looked and felt great dry as well!"

- Tara S.

"I've been using these handcrafted soaps for several years now....I have sensitive skin, and they are absolutely perfect, my favorite face wash ever! They're also lovely if you simply want to treat yourself or a friend to a high quality, genuinely unique bath and body item. You won't be disappointed in the rustic yet refined artisan work that these bars are!" - Anna W.

"These are some of THE best locally hand crafted soaps you can buy. The herbs and scents are great combinations and they lather up beautifully right to the very last bit." - Kathy W.



"I have been using Pleasant View Soaps' Rosemary Mint shampoo bar for over a month now. I have to say my hair, which is fine and curly, has never felt healthier. Even though we have hard water, the shampoo bar is still great....sometimes a few squirts of vinegar are necessary to help rinse...but I still love this bar!" - Kathleen G.



"I tried local soaps, but none worked like yours.  My son had gifted me with a couple of bars a few years ago.  What they do is keep my psoriasis under control, amazingly." - Susan P.

"My skin is somewhat sensitive, and after using harsh chemicals to clean my bathroom, my hands always feel dry, irritated and smelly! Using the coastal lily soap is the best way to remove the chemical odor and clean and moisturize my skin." - Abby H.

"I am VERY thrilled with your soap and want to say Thank you! It was such a delightful surprise to get a sample too--and I have completely fallen in love with it! Your soaps are so fragrant (unlike a lot of homemade soaps) and I love that my hands smell so nice after washing with it! Quite a luxurious experience all around. Definitely going to order again when I need soap!" - Beth E.

"The coconut cream soap is wonderful! I love the amount of rich lather and how moisturizing it is!" - Dorothy H.

"I want to tell you how much Claire and I have been enjoying your vanilla soap. I use it on Claire during her baths because I feel much better about your soap (especially the very mild, moisturizing variety) than that from the store. Baby tested and approved!" - Mandy D.

"I have been using the shampoo bar for over a week now and I love it! Seriously! I have wanted to get away from the commercial shampoos but my hair is always such a wreck from being outside in the sun and weather coupled with my thyroid issues making it difficult for me to find shampoo that will work for me. After using your shampoo for a week, I am just thrilled! My hair is soft and manageable. In addition, my husband's comments are that he absolutely loves the shampoo bar and the scent because it is a neutral scent, and it makes his hair soft. We both love it!" - Tammy C.

"Thanks, Hannah. I LOVE your soaps--- this was the first winter that I did not suffer from dry skin (and have to continually slather myself with lotion) and I credit your soaps! I have two daughters and several nieces and I am already planning to give them all an array of Pleasant View soaps for Christmas!!" - Nancy O.

"I have really enjoyed using your soaps! They not only smell so nice, but they feel wonderful on my skin. Plus they work great for washing my hair. Your chocolate orange lip butter was great too; chocolate and orange are a lovely combination. You are doing a great job, Hannah!" - Customer

"The soap is awesome. Elsa's skin has been much better since we started using it. No big, red, dry spots! Thank you!" - Stephanie P.

"Can I tell you WE LOVE THIS SOAP!!!!!!!!! Todd and I have both used it for three days now and IT IS WONDERFUL!! I am shocked at how non-drying it is! I'm so used to soaps drying out my skin and then I have to use tons of lotion so that I'm not itchy. But this soap does not dry my skin! And Todd has even used it to wash his hair and his face and he feels great!!!" - Sheri U.

"I am very excited to write and share some very positive comments about your soaps....I bought a bar of your lilac soap as a Virginia-made souvenir for my mother-in-law. Today she announced with great enthusiasm that that soap was "WONDERFUL" and "better than Dove." She went on to compliment the beautiful lather and how delightful her skin felt after she used it. She has very sensitive skin and she really was delighted. So, thank you for your fantastic product. I look forward to blessing more of our family and friends with other soaps in the future." - Kathy W.

"When you first start to put it on you’ll notice a yummy chocolate scent drifting up to your nose as (with a texture that I’d describe as “gently rough”–it’s not rough enough to be considered “rough” but just enough to feel “textured”) it gently exfoliates your lips. Within seconds it’s a cool “citrus-y” feel and suddenly it’s gliding on your lips as smooth as creamy chocolate. Okay…so that’s a pretty flowery description of lip chap (or lip butter). :) I’m one of those people who uses lip chap pretty liberally and I’m really particular about what kind I’ll use. I’ve been an exclusive “Burts Bees” lip chap user for the last several years…until now. I’m tellin’ you…it’s good.." - Morgan G.

"I gave several bars to my daughter and mother-in-law; they loved each of the scents." - Delores B.

"I've been forgetting to tell you how much I've enjoyed your soap! It smells so very nice and is just the perfect amount of lather." Mandy D.


"Your scents match the name better than other soaps I've tried." - Customer

"I LOVE the lavender soap & can't wait to use the others when this one is finished. The bars last a long time!" - Customer

"I want you to know how lovely the soaps are. Beautifully packaged, and delicious in smell and use. Congratulations on this new aspect of your home business. I predict fine success!" - Rhonda G.

"I LOVE my soap! :) They are beautiful and smell divine. I can't wait to use them...I just think they look so pretty I hate to take the wrapper off and get dirty hands all over them. :) Nice job, Hannah!!!" - Chris O.

"OH, the soap is incredible! I am looking forward to using them right away! Even my husband loved the fresh, clean scent of every bar. I love the packaging as well! Ya done good, Hannah! :-)" - Dorothy H.


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