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Featured Retail Stores - Puff's

Puff's Barbecue, a family-owned restaurant and store in Millboro, Virginia, is the next stop on our tour of stores where you can find Pleasant View Soaps retailed around Virginia.

Pleasant View Soaps Virginia

Puff's serves maple pit-cooked bbq, ice cream, and more.

Their store next door to the restaurant displays a variety of locally-produced goods, from furniture and photography, to fresh produce, maple syrup, and an array of barbecue sauces.

Pleasant View Soaps Retail stores VA

Because the owner, Mr. Puffenbarger himself, also runs Southernmost Maple camp in Bath County, I developed 2 special seasonal soaps that incorporate their maple syrup into the recipe at his suggestion: Pumpkin Maple Spice, and Maple Apple Streusel soap "cupcakes."

Pumpkin Maple Spice Pleasant View Soaps Virginia

If you're driving through the area, be sure to stop at Puff's, your friendly neighborhood source for maple products, natural meats, and more.

[Update: this location is now closed, but you can visit them in Bolar, VA.]


Greetings, I'm Hannah, soapmaker at Pleasant View Soaps.

Welcome to the blog, and thanks for following along!

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