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Morning at the Wharf

Mom and I went downtown to a lovely little shop located at the historic train station district, otherwise known as the Wharf. Appalachian Piecework has started carrying my soaps, and they were having their 1-year anniversary open house, so we took the opportunity to visit for the first time.

Appalachian Pieceworks

The shop is full of beautiful antique textiles, baskets, and more. Laurie, the shop owner, designs and hand-dyes scarves, weaves linens, and restores old fabrics.

We loved wandering the rooms and capturing the vignettes she had arranged so perfectly. Bags of unspun wool were tucked everywhere, and fragrant dried herbs hung from the ceiling.

Mom loved the old quilts that were displayed; it was almost like we were in a museum, yet we could touch the exquisite items.

We could walk through Laurie's sewing studio nestled in the back of the store; piles of eye-catching scraps were waiting to be stitched into a new masterpiece.

While we nibbled on homemade cookies, grapes, and apple cider, Laurie and her daughter began arranging my handmade herbal soaps in an antique wash bowl nearby.

More quilts hung near a large loom in the front room, and a jar of colorful dried flowers adorned a shelf.

We noticed many old baskets which were made from salvaged wood.

We enjoyed soaking in the atmosphere and hope to bring family and friends to see, too.

Greetings, I'm Hannah, soapmaker at Pleasant View Soaps.

Welcome to the blog, and thanks for following along!

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