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Fresh from the Farm

Nestled in the rolling hills of the Shenandoah Valley just 5 minutes from my home, the Cupp Farm is where I've begun purchasing goat's milk for my handmade soaps.

Staunton VA farm

Welcome to T. Cupp Miniatures! Tammy showed me around the farm, where she and her husband raise Jersey cattle and Miniature Nubian goats, along with other animals and produce.

Obi is her newest Miniature Nubian goat who is providing milk until Tammy's other does give birth to kids in May, so I consider her "my" goat for now. :)

Miniature Nubians are a cross between the standard Nubian dairy goat and the Nigerian Dwarf.

You can see certain characteristics of the breeds manifested, particularly in their ears, as to whether they are floppy or sticking out.

Obi, Nutmeg, and the other goats were excited to see a new person and trotted up to check out my camera.

I have enjoyed using their fresh quality milk in several batches of soap so far. The goat's milk will lend an additional nourishing element to the soaps with its vitamin, mineral, and fatty acid content.

The Cupps' herd of Jerseys had recently given birth to several little calves (Faith, Grace, Patience, and Macintosh) which I got to see up close and personal. I'll be using the creamy Jersey milk in a new scent to be announced for May, created especially for T. Cupp Miniatures.

This cute calf (I think it was Faith) was curious about what I was doing in her field.

Umm, hi!

That concludes the farm tour. I'm thanking the Lord for the provision of this resource right around the corner!

Greetings, I'm Hannah, soapmaker at Pleasant View Soaps.

Welcome to the blog, and thanks for following along!

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