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Fall Soaps in stock!

Pumpkin Maple Spice soaps are fresh off the curing racks, the spicy scent wafting through the room....

Pumpkin Maple Spice soap

New this season: rich Espresso soap created by special order and now available for you! Finished and ready to go - grab some while it lasts!

Espresso soap

This new bar soap features cold-brew coffee and a sprinkling of coffee grounds for exfoliation. Mhmmmm.

Our seasonal soap, Bayberry, is now back on the shelves for the holiday season. A classic customer favorite.

And don't forget our other autumn inspired scents such as Cranberry Fig, Forest Spice, or Cinnamon Spice shaving soap.

Greetings, I'm Hannah, soapmaker at Pleasant View Soaps.

Welcome to the blog, and thanks for following along!

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